Thursday, July 7, 2011

Forever 21 Hologram Fashion Show

Last week I received an email from Oona... Congratulations, YOU are going to the Forever 21 event! Oh my god, I couldn't believe it! I was so thrilled to go!
So last Wednesday was D-day! Together with Krizia, Gioia and her dad, we took off to Brussels... After we met a few bloggers at the entrance, we went inside where we were welcomed with drinks and candy!
In a special room, they showed us the new collections with holograms. It looks like there are real people, but it's like 3D without wearing glasses. Take a look at the video and the pictures of this great night!
The store in Brussels will open July 30th.

(I don't own this video, it's uploaded by TheFashionCloud. I don't know why, but I can't upload my video's)

 Mmmmm.... candy!

Krizia with actor Antony Arandia!

With Krizia

A lot of bloggers together!


Greet said...

Ik heb zo'n pech gehad! De bevestigingsmail van mijn gewonnen ticket kwam 8 minuten nadat het internet hier besloot uit te vallen voor 2 dagen! Dit ontdekte ik dus twee dagen later. Echt pech :D haha. Het zag er nochtans zoooo leuk uit!

Gioia said...

hihi, was super!

Autumn Breeze said...

@ Greet: Oh nee das echt heel spijtig! :O

@ Gioia: Ja was echt leuk! :D

Liesewiesje said...

Awesome that you had won an invitation :D It looked like great fun and looking forward for the store to open up here :)

Autumn Breeze said...

Yes it was pretty awesome indeed! Can't wait eather! I need to save up some budget for the opening haha!

Elien | said...

Elke Belgische blogger heeft wel een F21 post :-) Het was dan ook een heel leuk feestje! Ik sta trouwens ook op de laatste foto, links onderaan ;)

Autumn Breeze said...

Ja ik denk ook wel dat het evenement van het jaar was haha! ;D Oh ok ;) Leuk je te leren kennen! :D