Sunday, June 26, 2011

Endless summer...

Summer's here! School's out, students finished their exams, people are packing their bags for a holiday, barbecue smell everywhere and the thermometer is showing us high temperatures! I love it!
And these two things make summer even beter: music and fashion!

I really need to have the following things in my closet to make this season hot! ;)
(I know I want a lot of things ;D )

And these songs give me a instant summer feeling!

Some songs might be old or they don't have anything to do with summer, but they just remind me of summer... Which songs remind you of summer?


Shanah said...

There are way too many songs that remind me of summer, hahaa! But I do like your selection. Both of songs and of clothing!


Autumn Breeze said...

Thank you! :D Yes there are indeed too many songs! I think I might have to make a part II also! ;)

Stiene S. said...

Die bikini is mooi!
En leuke liedjes :D

Greet said...

Heeey Hille! Remember me? Ik stootte op uw blog via Krizia :) nice!
Nog veel succes ermee!

Autumn Breeze said...

@ Stiene S. : Thank you! :D
@ Greet: Natuurlijk ken ik je nog ex-klasgenootje! :D Dank je wel! Jij hebt ook een leuke blog trouwens! :D Hoe is het met jou nog? x

Greet said...

Oooh goed hé :) ik sta nog maar in de startblokken met mijn blog hé, hehe :D Wat doe jij nog voor de rest?

Autumn Breeze said...

Ja ik ben ook nog niet zo heel lang bezig! :D Ik werk momenteel in een psychiatrisch ziekenhuis. En jij?