Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hey do you remember... the year 2000?

A few days ago, I went out with Krizia, we were acting crazy in the car and singing old Britney songs! It made me realize that these songs were released 11 years ago. God, time goes by so fast, it seemed like yesterday!
It made me think about when I was a young teenager and what was hot back in the days! Come take a trip with me down memory lane! ;)

A lot of new things were getting very popular: Cell phones, DVD's, Napster, MP3, Harry Potter, ...
Here  are a few things that I had back in the days. It's funny to see these things again!
Everyone in my area, boys and girls, had these (ugly) Buffalo shoes!
The G-shock watch is making a huge comeback, and I must admit, it's not to bad at all!
This Coca Cola cell phone is the first cell I ever had!

When I listen to music, a lot of times I realise that the music in the early 00's was so much better!
Remember these songs?

The list goes on and on... So many great songs!

And one of my favorite movies of all times and in 2000 was.... Coyote Ugly!

What are your greatest memories of the year 2000?


Krizia said...

Haha, dat Britney-clipje. :'D
We want the old Britney back!

x Krizia

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Absolutely Mrs. K said...

i was a party girl and i went to every underground rave you can imagine, big fan of trance music. and yes i did wear buffalo's! i had like 20 pairs of them! but they are back, i saw a post on Style Bubble!

Afrodite said...

OOOOOH! Keileuke post! Hahahaha, die buffalos! Ben zo blij dat ik en mijn zus dat niet mochten kopen/dragen van mijn ouders! Saved me a lot of shame hahaha :D en ja die coca-cola phone herken ik wel! Mijn 1e was de nokia 3210 en daarna de 3310: DE IPHONE VAN TOEN!!! :D

Autumn Breeze said...

@ Krizia: Maybe we should start a facebook page about it! xD

@ Absolutely Mrs. K: Ohh really? :o Do they look the same like they used to? I only had one pair, thank god! :D

@ Afrodite: Thx honey! Ja Buffalo's waren de enige schoenen die ik mocht, want er waren ook zo van die superhoge schoen Hex en Shocks ofzoiets!
Ja heb beide Nokia's erna ook gehad hahah :D dat was echt hét van hét toen :'D