Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Taylor Swift - Safe And Sound (The Hunger Games Soundtrack)

They say that 'The Hunger Games' will be the next new Twilight! To be very honest with you, I never heard of the books before... And when I saw the trailer, I was a little confused what the movie is about?
Taylor Swift produced the soundtrack for this movie. I like the song, but I think I can get bored with it very quickly... She released the video for this song last night. I love the video... In a way, it reminds me of Birdy's 'Skinny Love'.

'The Hunger Games' will be in theaters 21th March.

Have you read the books? And what do you think about the soundtrack?


Liesewies said...

I can't seem to watch the video, like blocked because of viacom or something? Weird :/ I've heard lots of good stuff about The Hunger Games, people have recommended me to read it, I think I want to give it a go, to read the books :)

Autumn Breeze said...

Oh maybe you should try it on Youtube.com. Let me know what you think about the books if you read them ;)