Sunday, May 15, 2011

Douze points pour... Azerbaijan!

Last night the Eurovision Contest was on again, which is a reason for me to stay at home! ;) It's a tradition for me to watch it every single year!
Usually I don't watch the preselecetion, this year I saw just a few songs... Belgium didn't make it to the finale which wasn't a surprise at all! I never thought that Greece would get to the finale and that they would end up 7th!
The winner, Azerbaijan, really deserved to win! Though my top 3 was a little different... Take a look!

1. Slovenia: Maja Keuc with 'No one'. She ended up at number 13!

2. Hungary: Kati Wolf - 'What about my dreams'. She ended up at number 22, which she really didn't deserve! During the preselections she didn't sang good at all, but at the finale she nailed it!

3. Italy: Raphael Gualazzi - Madness of Love. He ended up at number 2! They made a huge comeback, because they didn't join the contest the last 13 years! I love jazz and this is just a typical, jazzy, catchy song!

Another group who made their comeback was Blue. I liked the song! But sometimes the vocals weren't the best...

And 12 points to the funniest act go to.... Moldova! They looked like trolls!

As I mentioned earlier, Greece ended up in the finale and at number 7! The song is mixed with rap, but oh I don't like Greek rap at all! I just think that they're making a fool of themselves if they rap!

And last but not least, the winner of course!

Which ones were your favorites?


Vitalitijd said...

Ik kijk nooit als Vlaanderen niet meedoet, dan vind ik er niet zoveel aan haha :p maar ik wist niet dat Blue terug was :o ben benieuwd wat dat gaat geven :p

Autumn Breeze said...

Oh ja dat is niet zo vaak dan! ;) Tom Dice vond ik vorig jaar verrassend goed, want eerst vond ik het liedje totaal niets! Ja Blue deed het niet slecht!
Ben een beetje met Eurosong opgegroeid! Mijn moeder zong altijd liedjes van Eurosong en keek ook ieder jaar, dus een beetje een traditie!