Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mellow Yellow

Yellow! A beautiful, special color! Just like red, it can make an outfit perfect! But you have to know how to pick the right yellow and to mix it with other items, otherwise it can look very trashy! This picture below of Paris is an example on how-not-to-wear-yellow!

Same thing for Mary J. Blige...

And these pictures are the perfect ones on how-to-wear-it! I think Kate Hudson looks amazing with yellow!

Eva Mendes

I adore the soft yellow pants!

Rachel Bilson

Nicole Richie... with one of the most beautiful bags ever made!

This next young lady seems to love yellow: Hilary Duff!

Wonderful clutch!

Here are few lovely, yellow items from


Liesewiesje said...

I just love soft yellow :D Hilary Duff looks lovely with that colour and so does Eva Mendes and Kate Hudson, adore their dresses :D

Liesewiesje said...

Hey, wilde even antwoorden op je GG vraagje, de seizoenen komen meestal altijd midden of laat september ;)