Friday, May 6, 2011

Jessica Simpson Collection

Many of you might think that she belong to the 'dumb blonde'-catergory... I must admit, the "Newlyweds" show didn't give her a good image.... But to be very honest with you, for the very first moment I heard her first single 'I wanna love you forever', I really fell in love with her! I know this might sound strange ;)
She's well known for her statements, bad movies, lovers and for her weight. But what most people forget is that she's also a pretty good singer, style icon and businesswoman!
Jessica has been building a fashion empire which includes shoes, accessories, denim, swimwear, watches and fragrances. Ms. Simpson is the face and boss of a nearly $1 billion business! Hard to believe, I know ;)

Here are some of my favorite things:

To order visit the website Jessica Simpson Collection.


Liesewiesje said...

There are some nice items :D Thanks for following my blog by the way, I appreciate that :D

Laura said...

Wat een leuke schoenen & vind die gele bikini ook super leuk ;)

xxx Laura

Autumn Breeze said...

@ Liesewiesje: You're welcome ;)
@ Laura: Ja he, sommige dingen zijn echt leuk! Andere weer minder... De bikini vind ik echt cute!

Stiene S. said...

Zitten mooie items tussen! x