Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crystall..ICED by Essence

I was doing some shopping last week at our local shop with beauty products... I can't help passing the Essence section without stopping for a quick look! Something caught my eye immediately... the new CrystallIced line! It was hard for me not to buy everything... but I left the store with two new nail polishes! Check it out!

(Source: nataliesbeautyland.blogspot.com)

Left: 01 - It's a Snow-Woman's World
Right: 02 - Ice Crystals On My Window

I think their names are just so funny! But the colors... just amazing! Too bad it's a limited edition!
The colors are very vibrant, but still simple and soft at the same time! You can put it on for any occasion: to go school, a party, at work,...
As you can see on the picture below, I also got the nail art stickers... Totally my thing!


Sarah said...

Ik ben eigenlijk echt geen nagellak mens maar elke keer ik die kleurtjes zie op iemand anders nagels vind ik het geweldig :). Leuke kleurtjes.

Liefs, Sarah

Autumn Breeze said...

Dank je wel! :D
Ja ik ben verslaafd aan nagellak ;)haha!

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