Thursday, April 21, 2011

Elizabeth Hurley Beach at Maasmechelen Village

As I mentioned earlier I went to the opening of the Elizabeth Hurley Beach hut at Maasmechelen Village. It is an outlet village where you can find all kinds of brands with 30% to 50% off on last year's collection.
I took a half day off from work, because I didn't want to miss this! And it was worth it! I met Marie from Oona there, and she gave me the opportunity to join the other bloggers to interview Elizabeth herself!

I loved the collection: sexy, feminin, playful, colorful, ... I liked the fact that she also offered beachwear for children! So cute! A minor thing might be that the beachwear wasn't cheap and the bikini's didn't have a proper fit for women with a big bosom! During the interview I asked her if she would design bikini's in the future for women with bigger breast. She answered that they were aware of the problem and next autumn they would create bikini's like that!

So here are the pictures of the tiny store, the beautiful collection and of course the interview!

Thanks Marie for the picture!


Law Fashionista said...

Pretty cool that you got to meet her! Did you buy any nice bikini's for this summer?

Autumn Breeze said...

No unfortunately not! They were a little too small for me :D