Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oona Press Days

Two weeks ago I received an email from Oona: an invitation to their press days! I was so honoured, excited and thrilled, I couldn't wait!
So after work, Krizia and I took off to Antwerp. My GPS was so kind to guide us in the wrong direction, but luckily we got there in time!
They welcomed us with a nice cocktail of Cointreau and guided us through the building. We grabbed something to eat of the nice things that they offered, and afterwards we sat down to listen to a presentation about Groupon. It was really interesting: I didn't knew that this company had so much to offer, was so popular and so huge! If you register on the website, you'll receive great offers from all kinds of company's!
And finally we got to see the new collections of all kinds of brands: River Island, Etam Underwear, Essentiel, Vans, Avance, Shoe Discount, .... This summer, Forever 21 will finally open their first store in Belgium and we got to see the collection! Amazing! ;)
The best thing about the whole evening? We got to go home with 3(!) goodiebags!
Take a look at this wonderfull event!

Forever 21!

River Island: Adore the color!

The goodie bags!


Chanel-Girl said...

Lovely pictures :)x

Liesewiesje said...

Great pictures, the collection of Forever21 looks great :D Lovely photo of Krizia by the way, haha :D

Jelka said...

Dat kleedje van Forever21 met strikjes! -Love-

Shanah said...

Oh, superleuk :) Ik heb die rode Hello Kitty headphones ^^


Autumn Breeze said...

@ Chanel-Girl: Thank you!

@Liesewiesje: Yes the collection was so great! I can't wait untill the new shop opens!

@Jelka: Misschien zien we elkaar wel op de opening? En kunnen we er zelf eentje aanschaffen! :D ;)

@ Shanah: Oh super schattig! :D Waar heb je ze gekocht? :)