Friday, April 15, 2011

Primark, you disappointed me!

So today I finally went shopping again with my mom, brother and my aunt at Primark. I couldn't wait, I wanted to buy so many new things... And I should've expected it... The store was a huge mess with ugly things! I'm sorry to say this! I bought these things at Primark, except for the sport pants.

I was looking for so many things like a white skinny jeans , a softpink blazer, ... Hopefully I'll find it in Paris! In two weeks I'm going 3 days with my friend Krizia! I can't wait!


Imelda said...

Jammer dat het zo tegenviel! Je hebt wel leuke dingen gekocht!

Autumn Breeze said...

Dank je wel! :D Ach ja volgende keer zal ik wel weer met een volle zak buiten lopen ;) Ik ken mezelf :D

Gioia said...

Jup dat is Primark, tis vaak goed zoeken maar soms kom je er ook een heleboel leuke dingen tegen (:
Wel leuke aankopen!
en ik volg je

Autumn Breeze said...

Dank je wel! :D