Thursday, April 14, 2011

Springtime on my nails!

One of my addiction: Nail polish! Everytime I go in to the store, I need to check out the lastet new colors! In the past I used to bite my nails. Now I put nail polish on a few times a week, otherwise I'll bite my nails again! I love all kinds of colors on my nails, they can be the perfect accessory to my outfit! This spring most of the brands offer cute colors: mint-green, lavender, nude-color, yellow, baby-blue,... It's like springtime on your nails!
Here are a few pictures of my nail polish collection ... I didn't realise I had so many! My favorite colors are black, raspberry, red, grey, pink, green, ... ;) My favorite brands are Essence and Catrice.

What are your favorite colors?


Eveline said...

You have a nice collection of nailpolish!
I will show part of my collection on my blog next week :)

Autumn Breeze said...

Oh nice! :D well I'm still searching for some nice colors, likt the perfect pink! Do you maybe know some nice other brands?

Ruby And Siel said...

Die tweedde op de laatste foto is wel leuk! Originele kleur

(Kijk trouwens eens bij OPI of Essie voor meer leuke kleuren :)

Autumn Breeze said...

Ja die kleur heb ik vaak opgedaan! Ja laatst was ik in een winkeltje in Antwerpen waar ze OPI verkochten als ik me niet vergis. Super leuke kleuren, maar ik had geen tijd om verder te kijken! Volgende keer ;)